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Smart Plumbing Started Here™

  Since 1936, PASCO Specialty & Mfg., Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing top quality plumbing specialty items to the plumbing trade. The professional plumber requires professional quality products. Since our founding, PASCO has maintained a steadfast commitment to providing this professional quality.

  PASCO has a long history as an industry leader in providing plumbers with time saving plumbing specialty items. The long list of product that PASCO has introduced to the plumbing trade includes air pressure test gauges, dishwasher drain hose, vinyl shower pan liner and dozens of other plumbing specific items.

  PASCO will continue to research, develop, improve and market plumbing specific products. Our continuing goal is to help make daily tasks of the contractors that use our product, easier.

  Thanks from everyone at PASCO to all of those Smart Plumbers who buy our products.

What Is PASCO's Business?
PASCO's Primary business is capturing and keeping customers. We are a manufacturer and redistributor of Smart Plumbing products in the United States of America.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be the leading producer and redistributor of Smart Plumbing products. PASCO will attain and maintain that position in the marketplace by:
  1. Producing and redistributing only top quality plumber-oriented products.
  2. Having stocking inventory levels to support 100% fill rate goals from stock.
  3. Having experienced and trained employees to support short shipping lead times.
  4. Involved leadership that enhances employee productivity at all levels.